Akashic Records Reading on Property – Soul Quest

Akashic Records Reading on Property


In this session, the Akashic Records of the Property(House/Office space) is accessed and cleared of all negative attachments and assignments. I will be closing down Portalways/Gateways that provide access points for negative entities and energies causing interference. If you are sensing dense energies within the household/workspace, it makes a world of difference to have this clearing done.

I also recommend this session to anyone who gets an Akashic clearing done on themselves, because this brings the place of residence in vibrational resonance with the inhabitants. We need the permission of the “Energetic Owner”(whoever is paying the rent/mortgage) of the property to go ahead with this reading. Please ensure that you mention the address of the space in the “Questions & Intentions” page after Check-Out.

You will receive an audio recording of my findings once the clearing process is complete.

20 mins

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