General Akashic Records Reading & Clearing – Soul Quest

General Akashic Records Reading & Clearing


Prepare to UNLOCK your HIGHEST POTENTIAL. This session is a TRANSFORMATIVE Experience. Let’s call in the wisdom of your Akashic Records.

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Out of stock

This session will help you understand who you are at a soul level – your Divine Gifts and your Galactic Origin. The understanding of your Divine Soul Blueprint is all you need to ALIGN with the highest version of yourself.

We work on both past-life and present-life blocks and restrictions that are preventing you from accessing your FULL POTENTIAL.

This includes clearing of karmic density, releasing contracts, negative attachments, thoughtforms, vows, implants – all past life agreements and programming which you are vibrationally ready to clear and let go off. We also work on Soul-Fragment Retrieval as appropriate and reweave the energetic integrity of your chakras and soul-memory system. This work is highly recommended and a transformational experience.

We will discuss the findings from your Akashic records over a 90 min live session. I will follow this up with your Akashic Records – Clearing. The energetic integration of this work takes 21 days. Your life will stand changed for the better post this session. This is extremely POWERFUL work. The best investment you can make on yourself.

90 min call