Sacred Inner Union: Hieros Gamos – Soul Quest

Sacred Inner Union: Hieros Gamos


A Comprehensive Guide to Healing the Inner Distored Masculine & Feminine Polarities.

HIEROS-GAMOS ACTIVATION. Our fullest potential is realized when we weave and balance the Masculine & Feminine Energies within us. Irrespective of gender, we carry both these equal and opposite forces of energy and the key to effective manifestation lies in the mastery and balance of these energies within.

We hear the words Distorted Masculine, Distorted Feminine, Inner Union, Hieros Gamos so frequently, but what do these terms actually mean? How do we understand the energetics in a practical way and apply it to our daily life?

I have created a COMPREHENSIVE HEALING GUIDE to help with identifying and healing the various distorted aspects of the Masculine and Feminine energies within and have a thorough understanding of how we engage with these energies in our day-to-day life and how to heal from it in a practical way.

What you will receive:

  • A detailed video explaining the different aspects of the Masculine and Feminine energy and the nature of the distortions and how to heal from it.
  • A POWERFUL LIGHT LANGUAGE ACTIVATION Transmission that will help you access and anchor codes of HIEROS GAMOS. This will help with the removal of any inorganic implants tying you to the false ascension matrix and the RESTORATION of your Divine DNA.
  • Worksheets to assist with the healing process

This is my sacred offering to bring through all the information I have experienced and understood in the last few years of my healing journey to Inner Union.

May the bliss of Union fill you up with eternal peace and joy!

Please note:

  • You don’t have to consider yourself a “Twin Flame” in order to benefit from this transmission.
  • Go through the healing guide and worksheets first. Save the Light Language Activation for last after integrating the information in the guidance video. The guidance video is full of codes, keys and triggers and will help you peer through the surface-level understanding of the energies and so it will benefit you to revisit it a few times to discover the layered information in the content.

*You will have 4 files available for “DOWNLOAD” once you cross the payment gateway.*

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”